Frequently Asked Questions

Yes you can. About 90% of the hospitals we work with use EP, Ultrasound, Atherectomy, IVUS catheters as well as steerable sheaths which we have purchased whole. The prices we are able to pay and the products themselves change on a frequent basis due to these groups ever changing needs. What was worth $40 last week may be worth $60 this week, or may not be able to be purchased at all. Next month completely new device opportunities may present themselves. This provides you with a higher payment than the platinum tip value of the EP catheters and other devices that may not contain a precious metal value. Don’t throw them in the trash, recycle them and create revenue for your department.

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With increasing numbers of people trying to get into the platinum recovery business and existing ones marketing themselves more aggressively, it is hard to know who does a good job. There are even two companies, that we’ve been told about, that pay more than the total platinum value for a smaller “test sample”, just to get your business. Then they pay much lower rates in the future when larger quantities of tips are sent in. Call us at 561-375-7857 and we will tell you how to test your refiner, without sending us anything. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain.

When we speak with a prospective client over the phone, we begin to learn about their EP Lab and their previous experiences with platinum recovery companies. We are then able to send them information that is specific to their current situation, including price comparisons with their current or potential refiner. Every lab is not the same. Due to my 17 years of experience as an EP Nurse and Cath Lab Coordinator, I can often answer questions and help solve problems that people are having with their platinum recovery programs. The most detailed pricing information available from any company is included in our collection kit. Your income of $5-12 per diagnostic case and $12-$40 per ablation, varies with catheter type and number used.

A Primary Refiner is a company that does the actual metallurgical processing to extract and refine the Platinum. This does not mean that they can provide better pricing. Here is why- Refining Platinum is extremely difficult, and these large companies have expensive technical equipment, a large staff with a sales team, and their fees must support the company.

Almost all of the businesses that do platinum recovery for EP Labs are not Primary Refiners. They often say they are, but it is a deception. This is true for the best known company, and the guys that travel around with a scale (much of this weight is plastic, so it is just a show). These companies may do some processing of the catheters, but then they send them off to another company to do the actual refining.

We are not refiners either, even though we tried for years, having varying degrees of success. But, during this time we were also evaluating the different Primary Refiners and EP Catheter platinum recovery companies across the country. This research is ongoing. There is a huge difference between the payouts made by the different EP catheter companies. There is also a big difference in the refining efficiencies and fees of the Primary Refiners. When you contact us, we can send you comparison information. One primary refiner we tested, produced only a third of the platinum as our favorite. By determining who does what (not an easy or inexpensive task), we have been able to identify the best refiner in the country, and establish a low fee, high volume relationship with them. It’s like Walmart demanding the lowest prices from its suppliers due to large purchases.

The alloys used in electrophysiology catheters contain the precious metal platinum. This platinum can be separated from the other metals and plastic in the catheter, and be recycled to be used again in other industries. The price that we pay for your catheter is determined by the amount of platinum that we are able to recover from that particular catheter. This amount varies from one manufacturer to the next, and between the different sizes and types of catheters. As we determine ways to improve our recovery efficiency and reduce our costs, your returns will increase. We are proud to give you the best prices we know of, and the best service!

You are welcome to test us at any time. Count your catheters on a separate sheet, then only mail in your identifying information on the Redemption Sheet. When you receive the completed Calculation Sheet back from us that details each and every catheter you sent us, compare it to yours. But, be sure your count is accurate because I guarantee that ours will be.

We have been working in Florida since 2003 and have expanded our services to the rest of the nation since 2004. Also, I have 17 years experience working as a Registered Nurse in Electrophysiology and Cardiac Cath Labs. That has provided me with inside knowledge about EP catheters, catheter reprocessing, the other platinum tip refiners, staff issues, and hospital dynamics that can be helpful to your department. I have also owned and managed two different businesses in the past. Our refining partners have been doing precious metals refining for several decades. Together we are bringing a new program to many hospitals, and improving upon the returns and service that have been experienced by others. We reward the people who work hard taking care of others. I like that!

If talking with a current EPreward customer is important for you, let us know. We will then put you in contact with an EP staff person or manager who has used us and other refiners in the past, and is familiar with our company.