Expired Devices

Medical Materials, EPreward's sister company sells expired medical devices and products for non-clinical R&D, training and competitive product analysis projects. 

Medical Materials is a completely separate business focused on expired medical products. Medical Materials has over 60,000 pieces of unopened and expired medical products from 100+ OEMs available at 50%-90% below MSRP.

  1. Need devices for your next R&D project? We have a vast variety of expired as well as non-expired devices available. 

  2. Our devices range from EP to Cath Lab, Surgical to OR and more. 

  3. Order directly from our website with a Credit Card, PayPal or PO to purchase needed products at discounted prices or give us a call 561-375-7857 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us and we can place your order for you. 


Sell Your Expired Products or Purchase Expired Products

Maximize budget, minimize effort, no compromise on quality.

If you have inventory in your hospital that is near expiration, it has expired or you no longer have a need for Email us or call us at 877-663-8686.