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Electrophysiology Services & EP Support Companies

There are many companies that provide assistance to EP Departments. If you are aware of one that is not listed here, please send their name to so they may be included. Thank you!
Staff Training- We understand the unique perspective of cardiology coders; with limited clinical background, they must decipher complex procedural reports and apply the most complex coding regulations in existence. Compliance Audits, Coding Support.

Princeton Reimbursement Group
Since 1991, Princeton Reimbursement Group has provided reimbursement consulting services to the medical technology industry. We have helped hundreds of clients, from start-up device manufacturers to some of the world’s largest medical products companies, successfully address their reimbursement issues.

Stryker Sustainability Solutions
Reprocessor of EP catheters and other medical devices. Formally Ascent Healthcare Solutions.

Innovative Health
Reprocessor of EP catheters and other medical devices.

ACLS Medical Training
A wide range of free training materials available for medical professionals studying for ACLS and PALS certification or anyone interested in learning more about Basic Life Support. is an online provider of advanced cardiac life support training and certification courses.

Advanced Cardiac Life Support
EP Staff should be experts in ACLS. This site has updated Algorithms with soon to be updated Simulator and Quizzes.

Cardiac Electrophysiology Technology Program at Loma Linda University
Students in the cardiac electrophysiology technology program will learn EP theory, principles, and various techniques, and will be trained to utilize the latest advancements in EP Equipment technology and cardiac rhythm management. Students will obtain approximately 880 clinical hours by rotating to several clinical sites while in the program.

CEPIA – Cardiac Electrophysiology Institute of Australasia
The Cardiac Electrophysiology Institute of Australasia is an independant Registered Training Organisation providing education and training of medical professionals in cardiac EP in Austrailia, New Zealand and Asia-Pacific.

Chart Healthcare Academy
Our mission is to provide education that is accessible and relevant to the work that you do. Our goal is to provide you with the confidence and competence to deliver excellent patient care. The CHART Membership program provides you with exclusive cost savings for learning experiences that will take your career to the next level.

Core Concepts in EP for Allied Professionals 2022
Core Concepts In EP for the Allied Professional is designed to serve Allied Professionals (APs) in the EP community. It is intended to be an indispensable tool for providing fundamentally sound EP knowledge for APs.

Education Activities for Arrhythmias
CME and CE Credit available for numerous classes.

EP Academy
Featured in EP Lab Digest and partnered with Duke Heart, EP Academy was created as an online prep for the RCES, has decreased turnover up to 60%, and has been used nationwide as an orientation tool. Call Erica today for a free online demo: (480)-459-3164.

Healthworks, Inc.
Provides a variety of about 15-20 EP educational classes with CEU’s for a minimal cost.

IBHRE Exam Review Course
IBHRE Exam Review course for devices.Presented by PrepMed. Fees apply.

Medtronic Academy
Variety of classes organized by Medtronic.

St. Jude Medical Educational Programs
Educational Programs offered by St. Jude Medical on a variety of topics. Free registration. Select the Education button from the drop down menu.

X-Ray Tech Degrees & Related Programs
Guide to educational programs in the Radiology field.

ECG Guru
Excellent educational resource on basic to advanced electrocardiograms. New ECG’s appear weekly to provide ongoing education and testing. Created by a Cath Lab Nurse.

Cardiac Electrophysiology Society
The Cardiac Electrophysiology Society (CES) is an international society of basic and clinical scientists and physicians interested in cardiac electrophysiology and arrhythmias.
(608) 263-9648

HRS Learning Center
The Learning Center provides resources to meet your educational needs any time, any place. If you do not have a Learning Center account, setting one up is easy and free!

Igino Contrafatto
Italian EP website

Texas Cardiac Arrhythmia Institute
Teaches all aspects of Electrophysiology through lectures and clinical training. Austin, Texas.

The Carnegie Institute
Formal Program for Electrophysiology Technicians- The student is trained to recognize normal and abnormal 12-lead electrocardiograms and interpret recordings as they relate to heart disease such as bradyarrhythmias, tachyarrhythmias, heart block, chamber enlargement and myocardial infarction. Students will learn the standard protocols utilized during an electrophysiology study and interventional procedures. Principles of cardiac electrophysiology, pacemakers, and implantable cardioverter defibrillators are thoroughly reviewed to reinforce the understanding of cardiac arrhythmias and related studies.

Visible EP
Develops educational tools to enhance learning of clinical electrophysiology through interactive modeling.

Simply Hired
The most complete list of available EP and EP/Cath Lab jobs we have found.

StaffPointe-Allied Health EP Jobs
EP Staff recruiting company.

Modular Devices Inc.
Operates a fleet of Mobile and Modular Cath/Angio/EP Labs available for monthly rental.

Matrix Product Development
Matrix Product Development is a high tech electronic and software design firm specializing in forward-thinking, cutting-edge technology outsourcing, consulting and product solutions for the Biotechnology, Industrial, Food Processing and Medical Industries. Founded in 1998, Matrix offers expertise in Wireless, RFID, Smart Sensors, Ideation, Brainstorming/Concept development, Mechanical Engineering, Electronic Design, User-Interface Design, Software Development (Windows, Linux, Java, .NET), Embedded Firmware Development (C++), Prototype Construction, Analog Design, Harsh Environment Packaging and Miniaturized Electronics.

Mayo Clinical Trial Services
Helps companies and individuals worldwide develop, test, and bring to market drugs and biomedical devices. Please copy and paste the URL from below.

Stanford Biodesign
Promote and support efforts that relate to the education, research and practice of biomedical engineering. Education and resources for the development of new biomedical products.

Transgenomic Gentic Tests for Cardiac Channel Mutations
Transgenomic tests detect genetic variants that can cause cardiac channelopathies, rare conditions that can cause irregular heart rhythms and associated heart disorders, including Familial Long QT Syndrome, Brugada Syndrome, Catecholaminergic Polymorphic Ventricular Tachycardia and others.

Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiology (DAIC)
Diagnostic and Interventional Cardiology (DAIC) helps keep readers up to date on latest devices and technologies related to the cath lab, cardiac imaging, diagnostic testing and electrophysiology. In addition to new product releases, the magazine also reviews new technologies with clinician end-users, discusses trends, and offers product comparison charts

American Heart Association
Offers information on cardiovascular and stroke research.

Arrhythmia Alliance – The Heart Rhythm Charity
Arrhythmia Alliance is a coalition of charities, professional medical groups and industry allies.

Corazon, Inc.
The Heart & Vascular Experts. Provide a variety of resources to assist with the planning and development of a medical center based cardiovascular program. Including management training & resources, recruitment services, strategic planning, service line development & valuation, new program implementation, operations assessments, and more.

Healthworks, Inc.
Is dedicated to both the staffing, training and continuing education of nurses and technologists who work in Cath and EP Labs. Access our specialty-specific courses at your convenience, at only $15 per continuing education unit (CEU).

Medtronic Connect
A large number of educational resources relating to devices and EP.

Order and Disorder in the Cardiac Rhythm
Website to providing information on courses, links, calendar, and EP support services.

Phillips Learning Center
Wide variety of CEU educational programs at a minimal cost.

SterilMed, Inc.
EP Catheter reprocessing company.

The Pediatric and Congenital Electrophysiology Society (PACES)
A nonprofit organization, is an international group of physicians and allied professionals dedicated to improving the care of children and young adults with cardiac rhythm disturbances. The group’s primary mission is to foster high-quality collaborative research and exchange of ideas on arrhythmia topics that are particularly relevant to infants and children, or patients of any age with congenital heart disease.

Vanguard AG
VANGUARD is a manufacturer of medical devices and market leader in the validated special reprocessing of complex medical devices in Europe.