EP Training & Review

EP Training and Review provides you with a select group of Electrophysiology (EP) educational programs which are organized for three purposes: 1) To supplement a new staff member's orientation into the EP Lab; 2) To provide additional knowledge on specific topics to current EP Staff; and 3) To help EP staff review and prepare for the RCES or IBHRE certification examinations. To our knowledge all of the programs listed are free. If you have any Ultrasound Catheters or Agilis Sheaths that are being discarded or EP Catheters you are cutting tips from, please see our Catheter Buy Back Program. 

Scroll down to see all of the classes. After you view your first class we encourage you to create your own Personal Education Page which will allow you to keep track of each of the classes you have taken, the date completed, and take notes on key points. This will be your page to come back to in the future. If you choose not to set up a Personal Education Page you can simply proceed by using the links below to access all of the classes. 

*** Note that several of the websites require registration before proceeding to the specific class or text. Please contact us about any closed classes so we can update them. You will need to have Adobe Reader, Shockwave, Flash, and Power Point Viewer on your computer to view many of the classes. You can also set up your own Dropbox to keep the classes you take in "your" very own cloud.  Follow the links for free downloads.


Intro to the EP Lab
EP Lab - A Trial by Fire.... Introduction into the lab - New Link Coming Soon 
EP Lab - Tools of the Trade. A review of the different pieces of equipment in the EP Lab. - New Link Coming Soon
Anatomy & Physiology
Adjunctive Studies
Patient Care
Electrophysiology Studies
Device Therapy
Therapeutic Ablations
Atrial Fibrillation
Transseptal Procedure
Case Studies & Review
Online Library