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April, 2014 Vol #15

EP Education Website Revised for You - From EPreward

April, 2013 Vol #14

EPreward Owner Steve Miller - SBA South Florida 2013 Winner Interview

April, 2012. Vol #13 Atrioventricular Nodal Reentry Tachycardia (AVNRT)
August, 2011. Vol #12 The Foundation of Electrophysiology
April, 2011. Vol #11 Patient Positioning in the Cath & EP Lab
February, 2011. Vol #10 Radiation Free Electrophysiology Cases - It's Easier Than You Think
June, 2010. Vol #9 Ensite NavX Navigation System in Electrophysiology & Ablation Procedures– Tips and Tricks
April, 2010. Vol #8 5 Steps to Make Every Patient Love You Like Your Grandmother
December, 2009. Vol #7 How to successfully set and reach your EP Educational (or any other) goals
June, 2009. Vol #6 Improving Physician Performance & Attacking Complications
April, 2009. Vol #5

Pre-Procedure Checklists Improve Procedure Safety & Success

July, 2008. Vol #4 Maximize your EP Service Revenue - For managers as well as staff.
Inventory Time? Sell your unused items.
Catheter tip solicitations? Be smart.
May, 2008. Vol #3 EP Lab Budget / Reprocessing & AVNRT Simplified
March, 2008. Vol #2 Adjuncts to Orientation
A. Flutter Ablation Redo
January, 2008. Vol #1 Seek "Allies" When Hiring New Staff
Atrial Flutter Ablation Simple & Practical