EP Equipment

Benefits of Advanced Technology in the EP Lab
This recorded case highlights the benefits of using Philips advanced technology in the EP lab. Specific attention is devoted to EP navigator with 3DATG (3D rotational scan imaging of the left atrium), overlay of the 3D anatomy on fluoro and export of the 3D anatomy to BioSense Websters Carto 3 product.

Carto XP System Learning Module
Multiple modules to teach the the Carto XP System. Biosense Webster. Registration.

Equipment of the EP Lab
In depth review of the equipment used in an EP Lab. Pages: 57-74. Excerpt from “Interventional Electrophysiology” by Igor Singer. Lippincott, 2001. David E. Adams. Text.

Maximizing integration with EP navigator’s real-time 3D image acquired in lab and BioSense Webster’s CARTO 3
Specific attention is devoted to the EP navigator 3D ATG’s imaging of the left atrium and the benefits of using technology to assess patient anatomy. The presenters also demonstrate how this image imports and interfaces with BioSense Webster’s Carto 3 product. Also to be discussed: how to acquire the 3D ATG rotational scan, and the practical workflow and benefits of subsequently using these images in Carto 3.

Pediatric Cardiology Toward A New Frontier
This case highlights the potential use of obtaining 3-D images of the pulmonary artery obtained with rotational (240 degrees) angiography, and quickly reconstructing them in the control room, to assist in interventional planning.

SVTSIM is a web-based cardiac electrophysiology study (EPS)/arrhythmia simulator, which is primarily designed for training and education. Its target audience includes cardiology and clinical cardiac electrophysiology fellows-in-training and electrophysiology laboratory nurses and technicians. SVTSIM provides an environment to simulate different cardiac arrhythmias, especially supraventricular tachycardia, and to view simulated surface ECG and intracardiac electrograms. In addition, it allows the user to perform various diagnostic maneuvers by pacing the simulated heart in realtime. Great fun testing yourself.