Cardiac Pacing and Patient Care
Good introduction to pacemakers. Medtronic. PDF.

Basic ICD and CRT Concepts and Follow-Up Training Program
This progressive 6-week program consists of a blend of self-paced, online learning, and live, virtual sessions covering the topics of basic ICD and CRT concepts and follow-up for Cardiologists, Cardiovascular Fellows, Electrophysiology Fellows and Allied Healthcare Professionals.

Electromagnetic Compatibility Guide (EMC / EMI) for Medtronic Pacemakers & ICDs
Description of considerations for patients who have a Pacemaker or ICD. Medtronic. PDF.

Evolving Strategies in Implantable Device Therapy for the Heart Failure Patient
A compilation of seven related lectures. By Medscape Cardiology. Registration. Text.

Pacing Glossary
All of the Pacemaker related terms and their definitions. Medtronic, PDF.