Catheter Buy Back

What is Catheter Buy Back?

DON'T CUT YOUR TIPS! Catheter Buy Back also referred to as Catheter Rewards is a program where EPreward purchases many of your departments' whole diagnostic EP catheters at a bonus price greater than the platinum tip value. We also purchase used Intracardiac Ultrasound catheters to create additional revenue for your department. We work with hospitals around the world. Send us an email to see our current Buy Back list and start earning additional income for your lab today. Our EP Catheter Recycling program is the best way to generate funds for your department.

This is not a reprocessing (referred to as re-manufacturing in the UK) for reuse service. It is a one way trip out of your lab to our licensed facility. For over 80 different diagnostic EP catheters your lab earns a bonus of up to 20 times more than the platinum tip value (*Biosense Webster Halo Catheters). This is already on top of the best platinum recycling payment available anywhere, guaranteed or your tips are returned.

1-2-3 Bag, Box & Ship Process

  • 1
    Takes you less than 10 seconds per case.

  • 2
    EPreward will send you all collection and shipping materials, including labels for pre-paid shipping.

  • 3
    You receive payment and a detailed list of all devices received 1 week after catheter receipt.

Payment for the devices is determined by the demand from our buyers which include refiners, research facilities, R & D departments, and all of the reprocessing companies (referred to as re-manufacturing companies in the UK). The prices we are able to pay and the products themselves change on a frequent basis due to these groups ever-changing needs. What was worth $40 last week may be worth $60 this week, or may not be able to be purchased at all. Next month completely new device opportunities may present themselves. EPreward's EP Catheter Recycling program provides your EP Lab with the opportunity to get the most value from your used EP Catheters, Acunavs, Agilis Sheaths, and more. 

Who Benefits from Buy Back

  •  EP Labs that do not reprocess can send in all of their used catheters for Catheter Buy Back and platinum recovery.


  •   EP Labs that reprocess some of their devices can send in all of the non-reprocessed catheters for Catheter Buy Back.


  •   EP Labs that do not reprocess all of their devices full cycle. 


  •  EP labs that reprocess all of their diagnostic EP Catheters but use Intracardiac Ultrasound catheters and other devices that cannot be reprocessed.


Catheter Buy Back Payment

Price Match Guarantee 

Ultrasound Catheters: Biosense Webster AcuNavs $60 ea., ViewFlex Xtra $60 ea., SNDSTR10 $60 ea., Soundstar eco $60 ea.

Select Category I (fixed curve Quad through Decapolar) Catheters at $8 ea.

Select Category II (steerable Quad through Decapolar) Catheters at $14 ea.

Category III EP Catheters. Ablation Catheters receive Platinum Value.

Select Category IV (Steerable DuoDeca, Halo, Lassos, etc.) Catheters at $18 ea. 

St. Jude Agilis Sheaths with Blue Dilators at $15 ea.

Philips IVUS .035 88901at $25 ea.

St. Jude Swartz Braided Transseptal Guiding Introducers and Baylis Transseptal Needles at $10 ea.

Spectranetics 410-152 .9 Laser Catheter at $15 ea.

Teleflex Guideliner V3 Catheter at $10 ea.

Biosense Webster Vizigo Bi-Directional Guidance Sheath  at $15 ea.

Any questions? Contact us at 877-663-8686 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We match and beat all competitor pricing for our Catheter Rewards Program and Platinum Recovery. 

These prices apply to the United States. For outside of the U.S. contact us for more information. 


Read Our Customers Comments

 "Thank you for your support over the last couple of years. The website is a great resource, and your company provides an excellent service. We will continue to promote all your services." EP Lab California. February 2012

" it, thank you so much you guys are so great to work with." EP Lab Colorado. November 2011

"Thank you so much for your kindly support. Appreciated!" EP Lab Overseas April 2015

"Such a great EP Catheter Recycling Program!" EP Lab Overseas May 2015

"Your time and assistance are, as always, appreciated. You have been very helpful from the start and we kindly thank you for that." EP Lab Overseas October 2014