Cath Lab Buy Back

How Does Catheter Buy Back Work?

Our simple process will easily fit into your labs routine and our experienced Cath Lab/EP staff can answer any logistical questions. Contact EPreward to receive free collecting and shipping materials and pre-paid shipping labels. There is no out of pocket expense for this program. Call us at 561-375-7857.

  1. It takes 10 seconds per case for your staff to save the devices and cut the PTCA wire tips.
  2. EPreward sorts and processes.
  3. Settlement is reached and a check is sent within one week. It is that easy.

Who benefits from Cath Lab Buy Back?

Cardiac Cath Labs have a very limited ability to save money through reprocessing. By selling your used devices to EPreward, departments can achieve financial gains where there was no prior opportunity.

Interventional Radiology Labs utilize many of the products that can be recycled through the Catheter Buy Back program.

Create income from used Cath Lab Devices

You bring the desire to learn and we will provide the funds for education.

Many devices used in the Cardiac Cath Lab can be submitted to EPreward’s Catheter Buy Back program to generate revenue for your department. A wide variety of Research facilities, R&D departments, refiners and refurbishing companies rely upon us for these devices. This demand creates an income stream from your used products rather than placing them in the trash.

EPreward provides all collection materials and pays for shipping. A couple of seconds a case can bring in thousands of dollars a year.

Contact us for a complete list, an estimate for your department’s specific catheters, or for more information.

You are welcome to call any time at 561-375-7857.

What is the catheter buy back payment?

Payment for the devices is determined by the demand from our buyers which include refiners, research facilities, R&D departments and all of the reprocessing companies.

The prices we are able to pay and the products themselves change on a frequent basis due to our buyers ever changing needs. What was worth $60 last week may not be able to be purchased this week and next week a completely new device opportunity may present itself.

Cath Lab Buy Back Devices

List subject to change. Contact us for the current list.

Example Cath Lab Items include:

Philips Eagle Eye

Boston Scientific Opticross

Phillips Turbo Elite Laser Catheters