About EPreward

Who We Are

My name is Steve Miller, the founder and President of EPreward. I have been an RN for 35 years, and a Cath Lab and EP Nurse for 16 years. In transitioning from nurse to business owner, my greatest satisfaction has been giving back to you and your staff by providing services to help you generate income by recycling your used EP Catheters. We also offer on-line Continuing Education at no charge. EPreward works with hospitals around the world.

How We Started

16 years ago, I was given the responsibility of finding the highest platinum return for my EP Lab’s catheter tips. Not being pleased with the earnings or service we received, I felt other labs must be having the same problem. So… teaming with others in EP and business, we spent years researching, testing, analyzing and developing a company that provides a higher return than that offered by others. We’ve met and exceeded that goal.

Resources to Meet Today’s EP Lab Needs

We also help you save money by relocating idle and expired inventory, and paying departments more for whole used catheters (Catheter Buy Back). We provide staffing assistance for hospital EP labs and individual staff looking for new opportunities, and we consult with management to help them meet today’s challenges.

About Us

The Future: Our services have progressed from EP catheter platinum tip refining to the recycling of whole EP, Cath Lab, and Peripheral Vascular devices. This allows us to pay for a greater variety of devices and pay more than the precious metal’s value for the EP catheters. We are continuing to expand our capabilities and rate of payment. We look forward to our collective future growth and improving the ways we can assist you and the world of electrophysiology.

EPreward is currently distributing the EsoSure esophageal retractor. Call 561-336-0133 to find out more.

Respectfully, Steve Miller, RN – President & the Staff at EPreward & Medical Materials