Catheter Relocation

Sell your unused products - don't let them expire.

EPreward has expanded the EP Catheter Relocation service to a completely separate business focused on the redistribution of unused medical products. Medical Material's "idle inventory" relocation program accomplishes three of your department's materials management goals. 

  1. We identify the events that result in inventory becoming "idle".

  2. We coordinate the sale of your unused supplies and equipment on a consignment basis.

  3. We provide a quick and easy method for you to purchase needed products at 50% to 70% below the manufacturer's list price.


Medical Materials

Maximize budget, minimize effort, no compromise on quality.
Consider your Total Cost Ownership and Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP) with Medical Materials.

Visit Medical Materials website to learn more about this practical service designed by a nurse to solve real Cardiac Cath & EP Lab problems. You may also Contact Us or call us at 877-663-8686.

A sample of 200+ available EP catheters