Catheter Buy Back

What is Catheter Buy Back?

DON'T CUT YOUR TIPS! Catheter Buy Back is a program where EPreward purchases many of your departments whole diagnostic EP catheters at a bonus price greater than the platinum tip value. We also purchase used Intracardiac Ultrasound catheters to create additional revenue for your department. Please contact us for a complete list of devices.

This is not a reprocessing for reuse service. It is a one way trip out of your lab to our licensed facility. For over 80 different diagnostic EP catheters your lab earns a bonus of up to 20 times more than the platinum tip value (*Biosense Webster Halo Catheters). This is already on top of the best platinum recycling payment available anywhere, guaranteed or your tips are returned.

1-2-3 Bag, Box & Ship Process

  • 1
    Bag Takes you less than 10 seconds per case.
  • 2
    Box EPreward will send you all collection and shipping materials, including labels for pre-paid shipping.
  • 3
    Ship You receive payment 1 week after catheter receipt.

Payment for the devices is determined by the demand from our buyers which include refiners, research facilities, R & D departments and all of the reprocessing companies. The prices we are able to pay and the products themselves change on a frequent basis due to these groups ever changing needs. What was worth $40 last week may be worth $60 this week, or may not be able to be purchased at all. Next month completely new device opportunities may present themselves.

Who Benefits from Buy Back

  • 1EP Labs that do not reprocess can send in all of their used catheters for Catheter Buy Back and platinum recovery.
  • 2EP Labs that reprocess some of their devices can send in all of the non-reprocessed catheters for Catheter Buy Back.
  • 3EP labs that reprocess all of their diagnostic EP Catheters but use Intracardiac Ultrasound catheters and other devices that cannot be reprocessed.

Catheter Buy Back Payment

Ultrasound Catheters $60: Siemens AcuNav; Bio Web SoundStar G,& eco at $40 ea.

Select Category I (fixed curve Quad through Decapolar) Catheters at $8 ea.

Select Category II (steerable Quad through Decapolar) Catheters at $14 ea.

Category III EP Catheters. Ablation Catheters receive Platinum Value.

Select Category IV (Steerable DuoDeca, Halo, Lassos, etc.) Catheters at $18 ea. 


St. Jude Agilis Sheaths with Blue Dilators at $15 ea.


Contact us for more information at 877-663-8686 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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